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Okay guys...this is a work in hang on!!

Valentine's Day


DO YOU WANT TO SEE The Vagina Monologues !!!!!!!!
click  to see the location nearest you for this Valentine's Day 1999
It is being performed on college campuses throughout the United States!

Hideous Kinky opened at cinemas across Britain on February 5th and will open on April 16th in America
(Just shoot me now!)
 Newly FILLED Hideous Kinky Photo Gallery! 


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Come read all about WHERE,WHEN,WHY,WHAT Kate will be doing this Sunday!

Kate Winslet's Valentine's Day 1999! 

The Variety Club of Great Britain held there annual award cermony on Wednesday, Feb 10th at the London Hilton. Kate was named "Film Actress of the Year"! The broadcast will be this Sunday, February 14th on the BBC1! Someone tape it for me PLEASE!

The Variety Club of Great Britain 

In the Novel, "Titanic 2002" Kate Winslet is the person who christens the ship! She even wears a replica of the boarding outfit that she wore in the film. Although she is not one of the passengers, as the fictional Astor put it, "Only a great woman like Kate should christen a ship like this."

Titanic 2012 

Heart stop'n Kate interview in the February 6, 1999 issue of HEAT Magazine! Thanks KWWS!

Britain's Leading Lady 

New beautiful pics of Kate in the December 1998 issue of Femme Magazine (French). Thanks to Dom!


Kate's new hairdo! Chop! Chop! Kate states, "New Wife, New Woman, New Hairdo!"

The Daily Mail Article 

The Official Hideous Kinky Site is now up! Lots of new pics and a very in-depth synopsis.

The Official HK Site! 

Kate is the Cover Gal for the March 1999 issue of Empire Magazine! Info on inside article states, "Features Cover Story: KATE WINSLET Getting the shits in the Sahara. LOL! That's our Kate!

Article and New Pics!! 

Kate has been nominated for Best British Actress (AGAIN) for the 1999 Empire Magazine Awards! Please take two seconds and go vote for her! Also, check out the new Awards Page below.

Go Vote! 

Pic of Kate in the January 1999 issue of Young Miss Magazine showing "star slip-ups"

Don't Cry Kate! 

Article in "This is London" about Esther Freud's (director of Hideous Kinky) years in Morocco with her younger sister...BELLA (shown in pic)!

Esther Freud 

Hideous Kinky is a'show'n in the states!! The Sundance Film Festival, hosted by Robert Redford at the Utah ski resort, Park City, is uniquely for and about the filmmakers: their labors, their loves, and the product that results.

Sundance Film Festival 1999 
Hollywood Online Article 
USA Today Article 

You guys are going to think I am nuts...BUT...I actually ordered a back issue of the Enquirer (I need a Twelve Step Program!) because I heard that Kate was in the January 5th issue! So here it is! (note: I scanned the cover and someone sent me the inside pics last week! DOPE!)

Enquiring Minds Want To Know! 

New simply beautiful pic of Kate in the January 1999 Empire Magazine.

A Good Year 

Kate is featured in the February 1999 Millennium Issue of Premiere Magazine! "20 Talents We'll Still Be talking About in the Year 2020! (I will post article and pics here tomorrow!)

Star 2000! 

New pic and tid-bit on Kate and her weight(GOD!)


New article in Movieline Magazine, "Cinema Sex '99, previewing love scenes including Holy Smoke!


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