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Ruth's "Titanic" Kate Obsession

My favorite Kate Winslet picture and one of the first I found online.

The first Kate movie that I saw was Sense & Sensibility. I loved Jane Austen and I loved the movie. But I must admit that I didn't actually seek to find out who Kate was until I saw her in Titanic a couple of years later. I first saw Titanic on Christas in 1997. I have always been a fanatic about the history of Titanic and the events surounding the sinking. When I had seen the advertisements on TV for the movie I said to myself "I must see that film!". So my boyfriend and I went to see it together on the night of Christmas (great Chiristmas gift, eh?) and it was packed. We bought our tickets early, but then didn't arrive early. We were forced to sit on the very first row. I have never seen a more powerful film in my life. I felt I had been there on that ship. And the thing that amazed me the most was this wonderful actress who I didn't even know. She did the most fabulous job of any young actress that I had ever seen. I was imieditately taken with her. She served as a role model for me. I wanted to be like her. I thought that maybe dreams do come true when I saw her in that movie. Here she was virtually unknown to the movie world and yet she could star and basically support the biggest movie in history.

I had to know more about her. I surfed the net. I collected as many pictures as I could, especially Titanic ones (at first). I even started making some of my own Kate works. I learned to make my own collages and such. I went to the video stores and found her other movies and watched them. I rented Hamlet, Jude and Heavenly Creatures. I actually watched Jude and Heavenly Creatures on the same day. What a day that was! I have only seen Jude that once and I've dying to buy a copy. I wish I was at home in my US.

There is an amazing connection I feel to Kate Winslet. She is very important to me. I have no idea why I feel such a pulling towards her, there is no explanation for it. I am completely and totally hooked on her. I collect everything picture I can find....I have about 25 MB or Kate pictures and 25 MB of Titanic pictures that I love to look through. I don't think she will ever understand what she means to me and to her other hundreds of devoted fans. She is the representment of everything I'd like to be in my life.


These are a few of my creations. Please enjoy.

This was my very first attempt at any collage whatsoever. = )

My favorite scene in Titanic. I loved the idea of doing a collage with picture from just this scene. It is my favorite.

My dedication to Kate Winslet's character of Rose. (Please go easy I've never shared these before.)

The last collage I made for Titanic. I have gotten kind of busy since and haven't done any more.

I hope you enjoyed my story. There are many more like me. I simply love Kate Winslet. I never thought that I would find a single actress so wonderful and worthy of my time. Please enjoy Winslet Whispers, it is the culminationof two fan's humble adoration of a great actress who brings us all together to experience human emotion in a way never before seen.