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Drag  h   Puff  h  Kool!
The Times
Kate will attend Smoker's Garden Party The Times tells us KATE WINSLET will join inhalers at a mammoth garden party for chain-smokers. The actress, something of a "celebrity puffer", will  be among guests at a summer ball on a Thames islet to promote "tolerance for tobacco addicts".  Forest, pro-puffing coughers, is to rename the Kingston mudbank "Smokers Haven". Anti-faggers are pleased: "It means we won't be forced to breathe their smoke," says one butt.

Female Celebrity Smoking List

Smoking list for Kate Winslet
In Real Life 

  Proof - Entertainment Weekly, Jan. '96  
  Proof - smoked cigarettes throughout interview, Sunday Times (UK), Feb. 18, '96  
  Proof - "She rolls her own cigarettes", Daily Telegraph (UK), Feb. 22, '96  
  Proof - "The actress - now 20 - strikes up a Marlboro, sucking hard on the filter with lips still heavily rouged from the makeover earlier in the day", Premiere Magazine (UK), Mar. '96  
  Proof - Cosmopolitan Magazine, Oct. '96, p. 183-185, 240  
  Proof - "sparks up another Marlboro Light (one about every 15 minutes)", Tatler Magazine, Oct. '96, page 176 
  Proof - rolls her own, People Magazine, Nov. 18, '96  
  Proof - "a constant stream of Marlboro cigarettes heightens the smokiness of her voice", Boulevard  Magazine, The Express on Sunday (UK), Jan 26, '97  
  Proof - "It may be the chain of strong cigarettes she rolls that keeps her going", London Times Magazine,  Feb 1, '97  
  Proof - "we move to the smoking section so she can proceed to roll the first of many cigarettes", (no longer available)  
  Proof - "Winslet sips at mineral water and talks and talks and smokes constantly, either the Camels left behind by the publicity guy or ones she rolls herself, occasionally pausing to light up again or pick a strand of tobacco from her tongue.", Harper's Bazaar, Nov. '97  
  Proof - rolls her own, NY Daily News, Jan. 11, '98  
  Proof - "We're gonna get Kate out a soon as she stops smoking", "I'm a smoker!", Rosie O'Donnel show, Jan 13, '98  
  Proof - "She smokes cigarette after cigarette and stubs the ash in a half filled glas of water because she lacks of an ashtray", Die Welt (Germany), Mar. 1, '98  
  Proof - "'I'm a hardened Brit-I cannot do without my nicotine and coffee,' she growls, plunking herself down on the sofa and adroitly rolling a cigarette to acccompany her fresh orange juice and croisants.",   "That makes me sound squeaky clean, but as you see, I make up for it in cigarette smoking and coffee drinking.", "takes a drag of her cigarette", Movieline Magazine,   Mar. '98, p. 64  
  Proof - "Winslet recalls that she and DeCaprio would sometimes lie on the set smoking hand-rolled cigarettes", "I'm smoking like a fucking chimney, so you certainly can.", Rolling Stone Magazine, Mar. 15,   '98, p. 48  
  Proof - Emma Thompson's diary published with "Sense and Sensibility" screenplay  
  Proof - "She sits at a small table, rolling a cigarette, bare legs slung across one corner.", "A couple of disgruntled newspapers returned the compliment by alleging that Winslet had smoked in one of the town's  sacred temples. (She insists that she went outside.)",  Electronic Telegraph (UK), Nov. 10, '98  
  Proof - shown asking for a cigarette in her limo following her wedding, Access Hollywood, Nov. 23, '98  
  Proof - "roll-up cigarettes - staples of the Winslet style", The Express (UK), Nov. 28, '98  
  Proof - "lighting a cigarette", Time Out (UK), Jan. 13, '99  
  Proof - "merely her 'pathological' consummation of 'hand-made' cigarettes reveal a very understandible anxiety", Studio (France), Feb. '99  
  Proof - "Emma and Kate moved in together, bolstering each other up through the shoot, gossiping and sharing roll- up cigarettes.", Scottish Daily Record & Sunday Mail Ltd., Feb. 5, '99  
  Proof - "She ponced a Marlboro Light", Empire magazine, Mar.'99  
  Picture - Cosmopolitan Magazine, Oct. '96, pg. 182, cig. in mag. spine  
  Picture - Premiere Magazine (UK), Mar. '96  
  Picture - between takes during making of Hamlet, The Express on Sunday (UK), Jan. 26 '97  
  Picture - holding between teeth, cover of entertainment/style section, NY Daily News, Jan. 11, '97  
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TV/Movies Kate smokes in

Kate on Rosie, April 14
Before Kate was introduced, Rosie was joking about how Kate was smoking in her dressing room and how all British guest she has on her show smoke.  So the first thing Kate says when she walks out and sits down with Rosie is.....

"Hello!  I'm a smoker!"
 Then she goes on to say, "Yeah, but hang on a minute.  Okay...MY habbit, I smoke!  But you apparently pick your nose and play with play-dough!

Titanic (1997)
The waiter arrives to take orders.  Rose lights a cigarette.


Ruth, her mother:
"You know I don't like that, Rose!"

Cal, her fianc`ee:
"She knows."

Cal takes the cigarette from her and stubs it out.
  Jude (1996)


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