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Hi guys!  Well, I am sure you have noticed the dramatic HALT in news updates lately.  Part of the reason is that I just moved to a new state and I have been busy trying to unpack, start a life, new job, and get use to having the love of my life live in the same city as I am!  I also have been devoting all my free time to making the new HOLY SMOKE Page which will be completed soon soon soon!  Wahooo!  The real big news though is that Winslet Whispers has been asked to partner with The Kate Winslet Fan Club.  Obe, Bear, and I have been friends since the days at the Kate Winslet Show Message Board (LOL) and we deceided that we would collaborate our Kate news quest efforts and create something spectacular!  I will be posting news for now on at the KWFC.  AND...since Winslet Whispers is known for its creative , unique spin on Kate news, there will be a new feature at the KWFC news column called Winslet Whispers News Extra.  Just click on the  to find the Winslet Whispers spin you are use to!  I have also changed my email addy to

This site will remain open we will continue to work on the site.  From the beginning, we have tried to keep WW a small, unique site full of quality pages not found at other sites.  Please keep-a-come'n! Later Katers! Janalynn


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On Friday, December 18th 1998 Winslet Whispers totaled 10,000 hits! WOW! Thanks to everyone who keeps a'come'n! Janalynn!

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