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 Premiere Magazine
February 1999 Issue

RESUME:  Heavenly Creatures (1994), Sense and Sensibility (1995), Titanic (1997), Hideious Kinky (1999) NEXT: Jane Campion's Holy Smoke 
M.O.: With her combination of profigious talent and windswept beauty, she is the Clara Bow of her time. (She also makes Hollywood waifs look sickly).  We predict a date-or two-with Oscar in the near future. 
FAN CLUB: "She has great career-longevity potential.  She doesn't have mainstream commercial instincts, so she'll make choices that are not necessarily what the audiences wants her to be doing."-James Cameron (director, Titanic) 

Clara Bow

The "jazz baby" personified, Clara Bow (1906-1965) became one of Hollywood's brightest lights of the '20s. Saucy and pert, Clara was  dubbed 'The "It" Girl' by Elinor Glyn and chosen to star in the film version of Ms. Glyn's famous novel. While nothing more than good old sex appeal, "It" symbolized the tremendous progress women were making in society, and leading the way was Clara Bow, the girl of the year, who had  "It" in abundance.

Between 1922 & 1929 Clara Bow's vitality, sexiness, vivaciousness and acting naturalism defined
the liberated woman of the 1920's. Not only that, every man I ever met who was a true classic film
fan has fallen hard for our Clara. And it's no wonder, the "It" Girl carries more sensuality in a
carefree glance than all the Rockettes high-kicking could do, at a Saturday matinee at the Roxy!
Clara could be your pal or your gal. She was accessible in a most delicious sort of way. Her acting
technique was full of charm and wit. Don't underestimate Clara, though. She was a thorough