World Premire of HOLY SMOKE!
Saturday, September 4, 1999
56th Venice Film Festival
Venice, Italy

Film director Jane Campion, Harvey Keitel, Kate Winslet
arrive at a gala to present the film "Holy Smoke"


Earlier during the day walking around at the festival


Between Willpower and Temptation
by Sandra Bordigoni 
Director Jane Campion

“We expect perfection from our spiritual mentors, but they are flawed, human, sex seems difficult even for spiritual masters to resist”, explains Jane Campion, talking about her new film Holy Smoke, in competition today, and written together with her sister, Anna. It is a comedy adventure story set in Australia and India, centred on a girl, Ruth (Kate Winslet), who is searching for answers, and an American investigator (Harvey Keitel), specialised in tracing youngsters seduced by sects and who is put on her trail by her worried parents. But Ruth is one case this expert won’t be able to solve so easily, mainly because the investigator finds himself in an all-out test of wills and a game of temptation. “As Buddha said”, continues the director, “of all the drives, sex is the strongest. If there was anything stronger or even another as strong, he would never have reached enlightenment. I’m also hoping to say with Holy Smoke that there is something to arrive at with the whole spiritual experience. The truth of it lies in continual exploration. The experience takes a whole lifetime”. 

Hey!  Same jacket from when 
she showed off her new haircut!

Kate Winslet by Sandra Bordigoni 
Kate Winslet is always lively and dynamic, with a biting sense of humour. Her eyes sparkle when she talks, she exudes enthusiasm and clearly loves her work. She got married secretly a couple of years ago, at the tender age of twenty-two, with her great love, a long-standing boyfriend, a somewhat anonymous figure for someone who is in the spotlights so much. But she doesn't seem to be at all interested in the glamour of Hollywood where anorexia is apparently the password for success, and she's not concerned about being a couple of kilos overweight. After the great success of Titanic, she decided to select quality films, refusing superficial parts in commercial films and took on more interesting roles in minor but more significant films. Specialised in roles "from the past" (to date the only present-day roles have been in Holy Smoke, Hideous Kinky and Heavenly Creatures), and she's comfortable being cramped in corsets, bows and crinolines. In fact the huge famous hat she wears in Titanic apparently modified her movements. It's not hard to believe that she "bowls over" Harvey Keitel, dragging him into a profound relationship out of his control, and against his will. But things haven't always gone smoothly for Kate, and her voice changes when she talks about her old love Stephen Tredre, her boyfriend for four and a half years and who passed away at 28 after a long battle with cancer. 

Official V film fest site
Cnematografo site
Could find HS trailor here soon

  The eight page scene was what's known as a "walk and talk," with the two lovers getting acquainted in their first real conversation after her suicide attempt, when Rose seeks out Jack to thank him for saving her life.  Although the script leaves uncertain whether Rose really intended to jump, the implication of having her slip off the rail as she tried to climb back onto the ship is that she would've fallen overboard had Jack not been there to intervene with fat, a recurring Cameron theme. 
The scriptment had Rose clambering below decks the following day, her first trip to the third-class General Room and Jack's boisterous world, a place lively with emotion.  The scriptment reads:  "Jack had his back to her, but Fabrizio and Tommy see her coming.  Jack, noticing their mouths hanging open, turns."  Cameron describes the scene as a gender-bending twist on the Cinderella myth.
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HOLY SMOKE has been accepted into competition at the 56th Annual Venice International Film Festival in Venice, Italy.  Wednesday, September 1st - Saturday, September 11th. The World Premiere of HOLY SMOKE, will take place on Saturday, September 4th, 1999.  Full Article

KATE to attend film fest!


Jane Campion last attended the Venice Film Fest in 1996 with her film, 
The Portrait of a Lady.  

Venice, Italy


Kate is in the July 20, 199 issue of the National Enquirer regarding "What stars really look like without make-up". I scanned the article exclusively for Winslet Whispers.

They state that this pic is from Hideous Kinky...the freaks!  Anyone who is anyone knows this pic was taken in India during the Holy Smoke shoot!  LOL!
National Enquirer ONLINE 

Kate is rumored to be in the running for the Opening Scene of SCREAM 3!

Scream 3 news! 

Jeans for Genes Day
August 6, 1999

Since 1994, in Australia, Jeans for Genes Day has raised funds for the Children's Medical Research Institute. The Celebrity Jeans Art Collection features 34 artworks including Kate Winslet. Jeans Art Auction will be heald Thursday, July 29th at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The Jeans Art Auction has become a must on the 'Sydney Social Calendar'. Call (02) 9687 2800.

thanks to LoZa for sending this clip

Hugh Oliveiro on Kate Winslet
In serene keeping with Kate’s upcoming release, “Holy Smoke” (part of which is filmed in India), Hugh’s inspiration is Indian music. “The jeans that Kate wore on the set of  the movie reflect the ‘Morning Raga’”, 
Hugh says, “the gathering of thoughts and wisdom in an aura of peace, tranquillity and beauty.”  Bidding starts July 15 and closes 5pm July 27.  The highest online bidder will be invited to attend the Celebrity Auction event on July 29, where their bid will form the reserve starting price.  
Bid on Kate's jeans 

Jean gallery 

Harvey Keitel's jeans 

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