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   A Lightstorm Entertainment Production; Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox
red carpet arrival
Oscar ceremony
after Oscar party
The night's toughest ticket, the Paramount Pictures-20th Century Fox party for Titanic,  held under a white tent  in a Beverly Hills parking lot. No ticket, no entry. Inside, the 800 guests swarmed around tables brimming with lambchops, risotto and pastas, sushi and desserts. Others mobbed Cameron (who had just arrived with Hamilton from the Governors Ball),  greeting him with high fives and "Good going, bro!" t is good to be "the King of the World," as Cameron described himself from the Oscar stage. 

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The Titantic star and Oscar nominee Kate Winslet made a special visit to Paris to see the show, sitting next to Bernard Arnault, president of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy), which owns the Givenchy house. Winslet, wearing what she described as  "a mish-mash of Gucci trousers, Joseph T-shirt, Betty Jackson jacket and old  Shelley's platform shoes", disclosed that she had chosen Alexander McQueen to design her a Givenchy couture gown for the Oscars night in Hollywood. She said after the show: "It's going to be fantastic, but it's top-secret".

Titanic star Kate Winslet, in an emerald green Alexander  McQueen for Givenchy, chose the designer specifically, "because he's a funky designer who knows how to dress women." A special bonus: the emerald hue matched her eyes: "Somebody just told me [that], but I didn't realize it when I picked it."

QUESTION: You've been to the Oscars ceremonies twice, where that almost seems to be more put in to going to the oscar ceremony. You got to have the right dress, right hair
Kate: Oh god, its very exhausting, its very very exhausting and its my god its such a laugh because you arrive there and go "God there's all these famous people around me ". You know I am remember watching it on the telly when I was younger endlessly every year and just you know going "Oh wow! Look  there's so and so" and you know you get there and go "God look mum, look there, look!"

QUESTION: But they're doing that to you, and they're saying "I used to be famous but there's that limey actress who..." (in strained American falsetto accent). "I tell you I'm fifty-three and I could of done
      that part"
 Kate:I said to my mum and dad, I said just be prepared, you know that Titanic has been such a huge thing now there will be lots of shouting and Kate Kate this and all that you know and it all happens andits really amazing ,you stand there going "Oh wow, hello" (weakly), its just an odd an odd feeling but fascinating. An incredible incredible event to be at.

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