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Until Tomorrow Comes

Rose's mind, for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, emptied as she reached for
Jack's steady hand. As they met, gently locking, she relished the softness of his skin
against hers. His touch soothed her as did the chill in the air that filled her lungs, causing
every breath to register-a welcomed indication of a life finally cherished.

With her eyes firmly closed, she allowed Jack's strong hands to guide her as she followed
his instructions to turn and face the mighty, endless sea. There she stood with him,
beside him. The earnest breeze rushed through her partially gathered hair, but what few
strands lay hanging, blew gently across her face. The subtlety of that movement ignited
her senses-no longer relegated to an empty, distant place.


Together they stepped forward, up onto the railing. From that height the world seemed so
accessible, so readily accepting of her lifelong journey yet to come. Rose searched the
horizon with her eyes trying to absorb each and every detail that words could not
describe; for this was something only to be experienced something to be remembered
a memory so precious it would forever resonate in her heart enduring long after its last,
departing beat.

The waning sun, in a brilliance of warm hues, cast its light upon her face. Despite the
frigid twilight, the sun had a warming effect, whether actually felt on her flesh or only in
her mind; she couldn't tell, but her smile widened as if she recognized the feeling from
somewhere deep inside.

She looked ahead, out across the deep blue water that quite graciously echoed the
sunset's sentiments. The dancing rays of light flickered in a vast array around her. Each
crest sparkled far more intensely than anything she had ever seen much more vividly
than any jewel ever had. The beauty of the surrounding sea was priceless a gift one
that would never know the confines of that hideous steel safe.

Her heart beat uncontrollably as Jack pressed closer. His grip around her waist heightened
her soaring emotions that alternated between a near state of bliss and a disbelief of the
here and now. Everything about him-every word, every touch, every breath that he
drew-connected with a part of her. There was nothing more inexplicable to Rose than this.

Jack gently raised her arms, stretching them far from her sides. In an instant his hands
joined hers. Their searching, intertwined fingers spoke in ways that their voices could not.
The strength of his body and the railing of that life-giving ship beneath her feet fully
supported her.

As Rose stood in Jack's arms, she clung to that moment that she silently wished would
last a lifetime. This was the man she loved and in every way that she had ever
imagined, her spirit took flight.


For the very first time Rose truly appreciated that magnificent steamer as it sailed toward
a now comprehensible tomorrow. What once seemed like an unimaginable voyage into an
odious existence, had magically evolved into a realized serenity. There on that ship, as
the warmth of Jack's body confirmed the reality, Rose had found the most important thing
of all herself.

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A tribute to Kate's extraordinary performance as "Rose" who made the character her own in
a way which has motivated others to put down in words the emotions that were felt.
Kate should know how Rose has inspired others. I think she would be really touched. Her words to Cameron, "You don't understand I am Rose," were more than idle words. No one else could have played Rose more convincingly.

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