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Okay, I wasn't going to just go RUN out and buy the second Titanic CD,
"Back to Titanic"...BUT...I broke down (Titanic Marketer's dream!) and bought it anyway ("dope").  It is TWICE as good as the first CD!  It includes the steerage party song by Gaelic Storm ( Gaelic Storm Home Page ) where Jack and Rose get crazy and they added voice-overs to this song so you can hear Jack and Rose hoop'n while they dance!

The piano solo, by James Horner, accompanying the drawing scene is simply mesmerizing!



There is also a very eerie sounding version of "Come Joesaphine" with Kate singing the prelude!!  Breakes your heart!

Come Josephine
    In My Flying Machine
   Oh, say! Let us fly, dear
         Where, kid?
       To the sky dear
    Oh, you flying machine!
    Jump in Miss Josephine
         Ship Ahoy!
    Oh joy! What a feeling
  Feels cold, thru the ceiling
          Oh, high!
       Hoopla, we fly!
     To the sky so high!
  Come Josephine, in my flying
     Going, up she goes!
        Up she goes!
     Balance yourself like
       a bird on a beam
 In the air she goes, there she
    Up, up a little bit higher
  Oh, my! The moon is on fire
  Come Josephine in my flying
  Going up, all on, "Goodbye"
       (repeat chorus)
 One, two, now we're off, dear
   Oh, you prety soft, dear
 Who! Say! Don't hit the moon
   Oh, no, not yet but soon
     You for me, Oh, gee!
       You're a fly kid
     Not me, I'm a sky kid
    Gee! I'm up in the air
      about you for fair
       (repeat chorus)